News and Politics Editor

Careers at minute media

We are looking for a talented and current-events obsessed News and Politics Editor to join our editorial team and help build our News and Politics operation from the ground up.

The ideal candidate is a dynamic journalist with a proven understanding of the news cycle, journalistic practices and current events. The news room will be focused on both reporting the news and presenting analysis from across the political spectrum on issues ranging from gun control to global warming to immigration. You will be asked to make editorial judgements along these lines during the interview process.

Qualified candidates will have at least two years of experience at a respected news organization, including as an editor, and be familiar with a digital-first approach to journalism and social media. They will also understand domestic and international affairs, politics, current events and popular culture in general. Writing and editing skills must be exceptional. High-level editorial experience is preferred.

We are looking for an insatiable journalist who thrives under the pressure of a 24/7, fast moving newsroom and who understands the challenges and opportunities that come with being part of building a fledgling news operation from the ground up.


PLEASE NOTE: One of the primary goals of this new website is to break out of the typical partisan echo chamber that exists on most news sites today. In order to gauge a candidate's suitability for this position, candidates will be asked to articulate the left, right or center perspectives on various hot-button issues during the interview process.