10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Minute Media

In honor of Minute Media’s 10th Anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 10 lesser-known facts about our company:

1. Minute Media Was Not Our Original Name

Our company actually started under the name ‘FTBPro’, which then turned into 90min, our first content brand focused on global football. Over the years as 90min grew and our leadership decided to create more content brands (our second was a US sports brand named 12up), we decided to create a parent company named Minute Media.

2. Creating Our Logo Was a Global Effort

A few years after settling on the name Minute Media, our company went through a rebrand. At this time we were already a global company with offices in the US, UK, Israel, Brazil and Asia and we wanted the rebranding process to be a company-wide initiative. So what we did was invite all of our designers from across the globe to come together and create our new brand language including our new brand colors, logo, font, etc. The result is the colorful Minute Media logo you know today.

3. Color Has Meaning

Speaking of our design, did you know that each color in our Minute Media gradient has a specific meaning? As a business that touches upon so many different functionalities - from technology to content - we needed to have a color scheme that incorporated all of the facets that make us unique. And so during our rebranding process, our design team came up with a comprehensive color gradient that is as unique as we are.

4. Our Business Is Present in Every Timezone

We are truly a global business with offices throughout Japan, Singapore, Israel, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States. By having a presence in all of these markets, not only have we been able to become one of the most successful global companies in the industry - working with the biggest brands in each market - but we have also cultivated a truly global culture. It is widely known within the Minute Media family that our greatest asset is our people - with their different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives, we’re able to be the innovative leaders we are today.

5. We Use Our Own Technology For Our Content Brands

While this might be well-known now, after having officially launched our technology offerings in May of 2020, we have been utilizing our own technology since the beginning. Even back when we had only one brand, we were building our technology from the ground up - evolving our platforms as we grew in order to solve the unique challenges we faced.

6. Our Technology Almost Shared Its Name With A Marvel Group

Speaking of our technology, did you know that our platform was originally planned to be named ‘Hydra’ after the multi-headed monster of Greek and Roman mythology? The thought process was that since our offering had multiple facets to it (or ‘heads’) that enabled us to tackle problems from different angles, its name should evoke a similar image to that of the Hydra creature. However, as we grew as a company, we decided that the name didn’t really fit with our personality as a company, and eventually we decided on the name Voltax instead. 

7. We Have Made Five Acquisitions Within The Content & Technology Industries

Since our inception in 2011, we have been growing rapidly and there is no better example of this growth than our five successful acquisitions. Minute Media has effectively doubled our content offering and expanded our reach even further within sport and culture through the strategic acquisitions of Mental Floss (acquired in 2018), The Big Lead (acquired in 2019), The Players’ Tribune (acquired in 2019) and FanSided (acquired in 2020). We have also expanded our technology capabilities by acquiring Wazimo (an Israel-based technology company) in 2021.

8. Our CEO Used To Be A DJ

Many would be surprised to know that prior to his role as co-Founder and CEO, Asaf Peled was a DJ. Before shaking up the digital industry with new technologies and new ideas, Asaf was shaking up dance floors with his musical talent.

9. Minute Media Is Very Active In Our Communities

Despite having a huge global reach, Minute Media is still very connected to the local communities in which our offices and employees reside. It is ingrained in our company culture and values to be involved with our local communities and to help foster their growth and success as much as we can. Through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, Women Employee Resource Group, Philanthropy and Global Impact teams we have been able to partner with Women on Stage (elevating female voices within the world of technology), Feed the Children (providing assistance at various food drive events), Project Sunshine, Hackney Wick Football Club, Girls Write Now, PowerPlay, City Harvest, NYC Gov's Secret Snowflake Program and various other local-based initiatives such as local clothing drives and soup kitchens.

10. Humble Beginnings, Humble Heart

Looking at the company today, you may not have guessed that our original team consisted of only a hand-full of employees working out of shared office spaces. But even now, with our multi-floored offices, robust teams and seemingly endless growth opportunities, we still embrace the start-up mentality that existed when Asaf founded the company in 2011. No matter the success, our hearts will always be humbled by the fact that we get to work with  some of the greatest minds and people in the industry!