Minute Media Announces Integration with Amazon Publisher Services Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

Minute Media’sSSP integration to provide publishers with a new and easy way to integrate forhigh-quality demand


NEWYORK (June 1, 2023) -- Minute Media, a leading global technology and content company, today announced thatits supply-side platform (SSP) is now integrated with Amazon Publisher Services(APS) Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), offering Minute Media’s publishingpartners increased monetization and unique demand for display and video ads.


With this integration,APS-connected publishers that integrate Minute Media’s SSP will have additionalaccess to increased revenue potential from a large pool of high-quality demandfrom top advertisers. This provides publishers with full transparency, control,and brand safety through Amazon’s scalable, low-latency cloud infrastructure.


“Weare excited to offer our publishing partners this additional integration methodfor premium advertising inventory via APS’ high-quality technology,” said TomWebster, EVP Global Publisher Platforms at Minute Media. “Our SSP features best in class SPO(Supply Path Optimization) and FPO (Floor Price Optimization). Now with APS’Transparent Ad Marketplace, we can offer even more access to high-qualitydemand and bridge the gap for our publishers and advertisers.”


“Minute Media’s quick ramp up within Transparent Ad Marketplacespeaks to the quality of their ad stack and the depth of the relationships withtheir demand partners. Since integrating, we’ve been impressed by how quicklythey’ve scaled and the obvious value they drive for APS publishers.” – BryanEverett. Global Head of Third-Party Demand, APS


Launched in September, Minute Media’s SSPenables advertisers to tap into Minute Media’s unique audiences from its ownedand operated properties while also allowing publishers to access the company’sdirect-sold demand to boost overall revenue. In less than a year in-market,Minute Media has signed 213 publishing partners to its SSP, with moreonboarding throughout the next quarter, resulting in more than 150 percentabove Q1 revenue goals.


In addition, AssertiveYield, a leading global provider of data andrevenue optimization solutions for premium publishers and ad networks, named Minute Media as the leading SSP in terms of bothnormalized win rate and revenue generated in its Q1 industry insight report.Minute Media was also just named NYSE’s “One’s to Watch” list of top innovatorsfrom Israel.