Minute Media Launches Own Supply-Side Platform for Publishers and Brands

Today, Minute Media, a leading global technology and content company, today announced the launch of its own supply-side platform (SSP) to provide a more efficient and direct connection between publishers and brands working within the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Minute Media’s SSP enables advertisers to tap into Minute Media’s unique audiences while also allowing publishers to access the company’s direct-sold demand to boost overall revenue. 

Minute Media’s SSP integrates with Voltax, its proprietary video and multimedia publishing-as-a-service platform, as well as a number of third-party video players, demand wrappers, and some of the world’s largest DSPs connecting directly or via programmatic infrastructure provider, BidSwitch, with new partners continuously being added. With both publisher and technology experience, Minute Media’s SSP can provide publishers with unique direct-sold and premium programmatic demand, superior CPMs and RPM yield. For brands and advertisers, the technology offers global reach, unique audiences and premium content across Minute Media’s owned and operated properties and Voltax partners, all in a one-stop shop. 

Leveraging a number of tools including machine learning, dynamic floor pricing, yield maximization, and intelligent real-time supply path optimization, Minute Media’s SSP can help customers win on every channel and format, including client-side prebid across web display and video and oRTB spanning CTV and native applications. During its soft launch period, Minute Media’s SSP successfully began working with over 50 publishers and a dozen programmatic buyers.

“As a publisher ourselves now with six properties, we created our own SSP so that other publishers can access Minute Media’s ad stack and direct demand across display, video, app and CTV,” said Tom Webster, EVP Global Publisher Platforms of Minute Media. “Built on our experience developing in-house video technology, strong direct relationships with advertisers and publishers, our global sales team indicated that a Minute Media SSP was a clear opportunity for growth."