Minute Media Leading the Video Conversation w/Other Industry Innovators

During the 2019 Publishing Insider Summit, Minute Media’s Priyesh Patel, VP of Business Development, spoke on a panel of esteemed industry colleagues to discuss the evolution and importance of video within the digital media landscape.

During the panel titled “The New Business Case for Video Across Big and Small Screens,” video processes were discussed from the advertising, brand, and digital publishing point of view, encasing everything from the importance of technology and scalable distribution, to the value of premium content and how to navigate ever-changing social channels.

Focusing on the importance of balance between premium content and technology, Priyesh gave insight into Minute Media’s successful video strategy.

“We’ve invested heavily on the production side of things in terms of creative studios, having individuals go to events and so forth… but we’ve also invested in the technology side of things as well.''

Minute Media understands that in order to be successful in the video realm, you need to have both scalable distribution and premium content. One without the other is relatively useless. This focus on innovative technology, is what led Minute Media to create their own video distribution platform.

“Five years ago when we started the whole video process, there wasn’t a mobile-first type of experience. As a lot of the consumption and traffic is now mobile based, we had to deliver an adaptive solution that would work for our own sites, but also be able to deploy all of our content in a scalable fashion.”  

Minute Media’s proprietary video technology is able to put Minute Media’s owned and operated sites, as well as publishing partners, ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape, enabling scalable distribution and robust content monetization. This technology has led to strategic partnerships between Minute Media and other publishers such as FanDuel, Sports Illustrated, Sina Sports & Weibo, USA Today Sports Media Group, MSN and ProSieben.

For more information on Minute Media’s video technology and scalable distribution, please contact: mmplus@minutemedia.com.