Minute Media Sees Success with Amazon Publisher Services

Minute Media is a leading technology and digital content company with owned and operated brands including The Players’ Tribune, FanSided, and 90min. Their proprietary video platform and SSP technology power third party publishers’ display, video, and CTV monetization via market leadingSupply Path Optimization / Price Floor Optimization capabilities, and unique direct demand.


Minute Media required a more seamless way to integrate with premium sets of tier-1 supply, on behalf of the unique demand they represent.They turned to APS’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), a cloud-based header bidding marketplace, that enables bidders to manage direct connections with the world’s leading publishers through one simple APS integration. As a result, TAM provided Minute Media with a centralized hub for their direct bidding, optimization, and analytics needs.


When comparing performance against another server-side integration,Minute Media observed that APS’ technology delivered notable uplift across a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs). APS’ TransparentAd Marketplace generated a 118% uplift in bid rate for Minute Media, an85% increase in fill rate, and improved average eCPMs by 57%. Overall, publishers connected to the Minute Media SSP saw a 192% uplift in revenue per 1MM requests.

Customer Testimonials

“We were searching for a way to seamlessly integrate with Premium Tier 1 supply via a server-side connection, and Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace was the key to unlocking this potential. Their advanced technology, combined with our market-leading Supply Path Optimization (SPO) capabilities, has empowered us to bridge the gap between supply and unique demand, ultimately driving greater profitability for publishers.”

Tom Webster EVP Publisher Solutions, Minute Media

“The immediate traction we’ve seen with Tier 1 publishers is a testament to Amazon’s global supply connections and technological efficiencies. We are excited to build on this early momentum as we continue to bring unique direct demand to the global publishing marketplace.”

Dan Chiprut VP Business Development, Minute Media

“Minute Media’s quick ramp up within Transparent Ad Marketplace speaks to the quality of their ad stack and the depth of the relationships with their demand partners. Since integrating, we’ve been impressed by how quickly they’ve scaled and the obvious value they drive for APS publishers.”

Bryan Everett Global Head of Third-Party Demand, APS

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*Data provided by client reporting, Q2 ’23; results are not indicative of any future performances.