The 10 Year Series: A Timeline of 90min

In honor of Minute Media’s 10th Anniversary, we would like to take a look at the last ten years through the lens of our unique content brands, highlighting some of their key milestones throughout the last decade. This blog is dedicated to our first content brand, 90min.

1. Where It All Started

In 2011, Minute Media’s founders set out to build a global football brand, rooted in technology and dedicated to amplifying the voice of the fan, that brand became 90min. An avid football fan himself, founder Asaf Peled wanted 90min to create an opportunity for fans to control the narrative around their favorite sport by providing content and experiences that he knew (through his own experience) fans wanted.

2. Beginning Global Expansion

An immediate success with the global football community, 90min was able to scale quickly, adapting its content offering to better serve their fanbase. In 2012, just one year after their official launch, 90min began their global expansion, widening their content strategy to include English, Italian, Spanish and German. Today 90min has professional newsrooms in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia - providing football coverage in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malayalam and Thai.

3. Reaching A 12M+ Monthly Audience in Three Years

Three years after launch, 90min hit another impressive milestone, hitting over 12M+ monthly unique users to their site. This rapid growth was proof that 90min’s unique proposition was resulting in solid popularity among global football audiences. These numbers have continued to rise ensuring 90min engages with millions of football fans across its site & social channels on a daily basis.

4. Securing Their First Commercial Partnerships

In 2015, 90min officially set foot into the branded content world with their first commercial partnerships with Nike and Paramount Pictures. These exciting partnerships showcased the commercial and creative know-how of the 90min team creating a full end-to-end campaign for Paramount - inclusive of innovative high-impact ad placements, branded editorial content and product integrations - and successfully aiding in Nike’s launch of their Hypervenom II boot with bespoke branded editorial and social content.


5. Building A Joint Venture With Media Powerhouse Prosieben

90min entered its first joint venture in 2016 with media powerhouse Prosieben. This venture focused on the creation of a new German site, which furthered 90min’s presence in the German market and expanded their already growing global awareness. As part of the JV, Prosieben also became an important investor within the business.


6. Revolutionizing Fan-First Video With FanVoice


In 2017, 90min further committed to its goal of telling football stories through the lens of the football fan by launching FanVoice. FanVoice is a unique 90min experience that allows audiences to put themselves into the seats of every European Premier League game alongside 90min’s ‘team champions’. This revolution in fan-first video content deepened 90min’s connection with fans by creating a 360 approach to the fan experience - not only could fans read about and watch video content on their favorite teams, but now they could actually experience the matches for themselves, reacting along with the game action all from the comfort of their computer or mobile screen.

7. Leading The Industry In Women's World Cup Coverage

90min was built to provide passionate fans the best global football content and experiences imaginable, and that mission does not waver whether they are covering Men’s or Women’s Football. Our coverage which began in 2017 has evolved over the years, delivering best-in-class content across multiple formats ensuring the quality & personalities of the game were being promoted. True to this ethos, 90min continued their commitment to Women’s Football during the 2019 Women’s World Cup, dedicating countless resources to covering women teams, players and matches, giving the competition and its athletes the spotlight they deserved. Their 360 approach inclusive of on-the-ground player interviews, player social media takeovers and in-depth editorial coverage of the matches, also gained industry recognition as one of the best coverage campaigns that year.

8. Working With Players

In 2018, 90min hit another key milestone with their partnership with Right Guard on the ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’ campaign. This fun video series featured Premier League players, hooked up to a lie detector machine, answering fans’ burning questions like ‘Do you practice goal celebrations in the mirror?’ and ’ and ‘Do you wee in the shower?’. The campaign was a huge success with target audiences and was later recognized by the European Sponsorship Association as the ‘Best Use of Branded Content’. 

9. Getting A New Look

Over the years, 90min has remained steadfast in its commitment to amplifying the voice of the football fan, through innovative content creation aimed at elevating fan experiences both online and off. It is this dedication to their mission that led the 90min team to revamp their brand, from both a visual and technical standpoint.

Throughout 2020 the 90min team, spanning across content, commercial, and design, worked together to bring a new brand look to life, inclusive of new color schemes, fonts, logo and brand guidelines. In addition to a new look, 90min has also relaunched their site fully on Minute Media’s proprietary publishing platform, Voltax. This refresh, both creative and technical, aimed to deepen the connection between 90min’s look and its mission of amplifying the voice of the football fan.


10: Celebrating 10 Years Of Achievements

This past year, 90min commemorated one of its greatest achievements to date - celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Even prior to the global pandemic that changed so much for digital companies around the world (especially those rooted in sports), the digital landscape had seen many once-fruitful companies suffer due to the constant changes and obstacles that were thrown into the mix. Despite all of the difficulties, 90min has not only remained stable, but has flourished. This past year alone, 90min has created industry-leading content with brand partners such as Three, Hyundai, Yokohama, EA, DAZN, Warner Brothers, as well as becoming the exclusive content creator for the Great Britain’s Women’s Olympic Football team. They also successfully activated against the Copa America & EURO championships, launching their ‘We Love the Euros’ campaign which innovatively covered the event from the fan, the player and the game’s point of view. This year also saw them launch a new franchise entitled Football Americana with football star, Yael Averbuch West - taking a major step into the US market. Even with all of these successes, 90min still holds true to their humble beginnings, and it is clear that with this mindset, there is still much more to come.